Delta 9 THC Gummy Grape & Strawberry 2 Bottle Vegan Bundle

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You will receive 2 bottles Total.  1 of each flavor, strawberry, and grape.

About Our Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC Gummies 200mg (20 Gummies)

 Kandy Girl Delta 9 THC Gummies are potent and packed with a ton of minor cannabinoids. 

Gummy Contents Per Piece

  • 15mg Delta 9 THC
  • 10mg Delta 8 THC
  • 5mg CBD

How Do They Taste?

Each gummy is bursting with flavor, with absolutely no bad aftertaste. 


Pectin, cornstarch, water, citric acid, hemp excrescences, polysorbate 20, potassium sorbate, natural flavors FD&C colors blue #1, red#3, and yellow #5. 

Bottle Contents: 20 Pcs


We've created the perfect thc gummy. Our delta 9 thc hemp gummies are made with mother liquor of the hemp plant.  Our gummies  are total THC compliant with the 2018 farm bill.

Making them legal* in states that don't allow recreational or medical MJ.   

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