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Due to the weight of our gummies we can still put 10mg of delta 9 thc into each gummy and be compliant to ship to all 50 states as the total thc percentage is less than .3% making them federally legal in all 50 States. Even states where delta 8 is banned.

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9.9mg per gummy .25% Delta 9 Hemp THC

3rd Party Lab Tested

Our gummies are 3rd party lab tested and contain just below the legal limit of THC.

About Delta 9 THC Hemp Gummies

How Are Delta 9 THC Hemp Gummies Legal?

Due to the weight of our gummies we can still get 10mg of Delta 9 THC in to them and still keep them below the .3 THC percentage of federal law. This product is not an analogue like Delta 8 or THC-O It's actually classified as a CBD product.

Rest assued your getting a full 10MG of Delta 9 In each gummy.


Yes, We ship using USPS to all states except Washington. Sorry we don't currently ship overseas.

It depends on where you are. Orders processed next business day and arrive in 2-4 days. Please allow extra time for delivery during the holidays due to the post office being backed up.

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