CBD+Delta-9 Oil 12 Month Supply - Peppermint

CBD+Delta-9 Oil 12 Month Supply - Peppermint

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CBD+Delta-9 Oil 12 pack - 12000mg total - Peppermint

Avail all the natural, healthy, and calming benefits of both Worlds with Our Delta-9/CBD Tincture!

We always use the pure and natural extract to create our regular Peppermint flavors. The updated CBD plus delta 9 oil is more powerful than ever. Fully loaded with minor cannabinoids and terpenes make a full spectrum tincture completely different blend than any other brand.

Each delta 9 tincture is carefully made by combining the rich, organic and accurate percentage of natural hemp extract and MCT oil. These are 100% natural and refreshing peppermint flavors without artificial ingredients or colorants. Each tincture makes you feel much more relaxed and comfortable and tastes natural.

Note: Now you can get the benefits of both CBD and delta-9 in one convenient bottle of 1000mg each.